Who We Are

Cheese & Wine, Queso y Vino, Fromage & Vin, Formaggi E Vino, no matter how you read it we are all about Cheese, Wine & A Good Time! Our company is dedicated to creating  beautiful designs with quality products to please your palette and entice your appetite!  We have a passion for all things charcuterie and of course…Wine! What started as creating platters and trays for family & friends has turned into this great new venture and we are extremely happy to be able to share this straight from our kitchen to your table! 

It’s Not All About the Brie

We have been testing and tasting some delicious wines that can be paired along with your board! How great is it to have a mouthwatering grazing experience with a glass of cosmic tasting wine to accompany it? HEAVEN!!! Our Sommelier has chosen 2 featured bottles that will be a staple to our Menu, but be on the look out as from time to time we may add in some temporary goodness for you to try!  

Make your charCUTErie more delightful 

At Formaggi E Vino we are all about helping you celebrate special occasions! We offer plenty of add-ons for your boards and boxes that would put a big smile on anyone! From our delectable Dolce Box to our ever unique Bomboniere wooden boxes (they really are noteworthy)!

If you would like to customize one of our boards–don’t hesitate to reach out, we want to ensure we meet all your “cheesy”needs!